This is for patio and basket plants in Mini-Pots only

Some, such as Bacopa, diascia and petunias are available over many weeks in spring whilst other only make a fleeting appearance. Many are also grown in 10 or 11 cm pots as finished plants

Acalypha Mini Red Alonsoa Lucky Lips
BidensBlazing Fire and sundrop
Bacopa in pinks white or blue
Bacopa Double white or Lavander
Calibrachoa (Million bells type petunia) NOW TAKEN DOWN THE LIST DUE TO CERTAIN SHORTAGEs..


Diascia Div.

Blush, Deep Red, Orange, Pink, White

DICHONDRA silver falls

Centradenia Cascade


Magellanica Riccarton

Fuchsia Up.

Dollar Princess, Blackie, Delta's Sarah, Display, Icy Pink, Winston Churchill, Waltz Jubilteen

Fuschsia Bella

Evita, Lydia, Mariska, Nora, Sophia, Susanna

GERANIUMS Choose trailing or upright
to many to list, pick from reds, pinks mauves and white. Limited mini pot stock as we grow mainly in 3 inch or 1 litre pot .

Helichrysum, foilage


Golden, Gold, Silver, variegata, Moes Silver

Cutting raised lobelia, bigger and bolder. For bedding lobelias see Bedding


Purple Star, infinity deep blue, Purple Star, Waterfall Azure Mist, richardii, Laura White




num Aurea

Nemsias, usually scented with upright then cascading habit.

not too many in mini pots as they grow quite quickly, plenty in 3 inch pot early May blues ,Reds and bi colours



Petunias, many ,many varieties plus Tumbelina double types


Mango Madness, Nerolina, Petchoa Supercal Cherry, Designer Buzz Purple, Surfinia Blue, Surfinia Burgundy, Surfinia Giant Purple, Surfinia Hot Pink, Surfinia Scarlet Red, Surfinia Sky Blue, Surfinia Snow, Sumo Rose, Pegasus Burgundy Vanilla, Sur.Heavenly Blue, Sur.Yellow, Pegasus Dark Red, Pegasus Pink, Pegasus Hot Pink, Pegasus Banoffee Pie, Pegasus Depp Blue, Pegasus. Velvet Picotee, Pegasus Scarlet, Peppy Blueberry Muffin, Pot. Blueberry Ice, Pot. Dark red, Pot. Neon, Sur. Cobalt Blue, Sur. Kardinal, Sur. White Orchid, Sweet. Baby Pink, Sweet. Black Satin, Sweet. Pinkalicious, Sweet. Starfish, Sweet. Johnny Flame, Sweet. Miss Marvelous, Sweet. Suzie Storm, Amore Queen of Hearts, Cascadia Indian Summer, Cascadia Rim Cherry, Casscadia Rim Magenta, Surfinia Purple Variegated, Des. Tango, Lavander Sky, Glacier Sky, Lightning Sky, Night Sky, Sur.Heavenly Blue, Sur. Purple

Petunia Tumbelina.

Anna, Belinda, Bella, Crazy Ripple, Diana, Maria, Susanna, Priscilla, Raphaella, Francesca, Candyfloss


Solaris Compact, Solaris Table

Scaevola, Handflower


Abanica Blue, Abanica Purple, Abanica Rose, Abanica White

Verbena, spreading and trailing plants used extensively in baskets


Tiara Mickey Magenta Pink, Tapien Salmon, Tapien Violet, Temari Blue, Temari Red, Temari Coral Pink, Endur. Pink Fizz, Sparkle Pink Dark, Sparkle Pink Dark, Sparkle Purple Blues, Sparkle Red, Sparkle Violet Dark, Endura. Blue, Em. Burgundy Charme, Em. Flair Lavender Blue

Verbena sam.

​Blue With Eye, Bright Pink, Deep Blue, Deep Red Star, Lavendar Star, Peach, Purple Eye, Up. Burgundy Star, Up. Scarlet Eye, Rose Star, Rose, Scarlet, White

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